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Finishing Touches

It’s the little things that matter in life, those fine details that can make all the difference between simply making a nice change to your home, and a truly stunning one.

Every home is as unique as you are, which is why we work continuously on developing not only the most advanced products, but also some of the most desirable.

Our business is built on recommendation and due to the fact that
we offer our customers an extensive range of options, so you can
finish your home,as you wish.

Add Some Hardware to Your Home
We offer a comprehensive selection of locking systems, letter plates, numerals, spy holes and handles, all available in a wide array of colours so you can personalise the entrance to your home, adding your own sense of character and style, while maintaining a safe and secure household.

Roof Trim
More often than not, the smallest touches make the biggest impact, which is why our fantastic roof trim replacements are so worthwhile. They can replace your old timber boards and complete your project with a professional fascia finish. Not only do these additional features smarten up the appearance of your home, but they offer great weather protection.

With our roof trim replacements, you’ll have complete peace of mind because our expert installers use only the highest quality materials to give you a first class job.