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What does your front door colour say about you?

What does your front door colour say about you?

At Britannia, we know our doors. We’ve fitted them up and down the country, in all shapes, colours and sizes. And along the way, we’ve picked up some insider knowledge about what different-coloured front doors say about the people who live behind them!

Of course, we’re not saying you can guess everything about a person from the colour of their door! However, it is true that the colour of your door has a big influence on how your house looks, street-side. Your door is often the first thing visitors and potential buyers notice when they arrive, and you use it every day. As a result, having a quality, characterful door can really have a significant impact on how people perceive your home!

This article is our attempt at doing some door-astrology. We’re going to go into detail on each of the main door colours, and talk about what they might tell us about the homeowners. Along the way we’ll give some handy door-related advice. Read on for more! 


Front Door Colour Ideas


Whether you’re wondering what colour you should paint your old door or looking to buy a new one, you might be a little unsure about what to do. 

Decisions like these – choosing a door, deciding what colour to paint walls, choosing living-room furniture or buying the right mattress – can really confuse us, because they’re both low-stakes and high-stakes! Of course, you can live perfectly well with a less-than-perfect choice. However, if you’re spending good money and planning for the future, you want to get it just right. 

If you’re really not sure what colour door you’d like, this article might help you visualise some different options. If you’re really stuck with choosing a new door, however, we’d be happy to give you some tips and talk about your requirements — all you’ve got to do is give us a call!


What colour front door is lucky?


When it comes to choosing a “lucky” front door colour, you’re likely to get a few different answers depending on who you ask. You may have an ancestral tradition or family story about this kind of thing, so it could be a good idea to consult an elderly family member.

If you’re after a simple answer, however, it’s true that many cultures regard certain colours as producing luck. All across the vast expanses of China and India – despite various cultural and religious differences – people adorn their homes, bodies and pets in bright red. The bold, striking colour is supposed to signify prosperity, happiness and love.

So, if you have ancestors who hail from these areas or are simply the romantic type, a red front door on your property could bring good luck to all who enter under your roof!


White front doors


A significant proportion of the doors we manufacture and fit are white, which shows how this colour is a solid, dependable choice!

White front doors fit well with many new-build homes’ fresh, modern design and white trims. They also provide an excellent canvas for artistic, eye-catching stained or decorative glass. But what do they say about you? 

Well, white traditionally symbolises calmness, serenity and peace — think doves, fresh sheets and daisies. Choosing a white door demonstrates a commitment to a peaceful and contented home life and makes a lovely entrance to a place of relaxation for friends and family.

To take the very best care of your white door, wipe it down as needed with plain soap and water as they can sometimes show the dirt.


Yellow front doors


Yellow is a pretty striking colour for a door, but can look seriously sharp on the right property! Got a lush front garden, a charming red-brick exterior or a home that faces the morning sunrise? Yellow might be the colour for you.

In our world, yellow appears into our world with the coming of spring, the bright sun and the lights of summer music festivals — in short, a yellow door can really bring the good vibes to your home.

A bright, bold door in a sunny shade indicates you’re not exactly shy about your values, your optimism and your taste for joy. And what’s better than having directions to your home end with “the one with the yellow door”?


Red front doors


As detailed above, bright red front doors are thought to bring luck and prosperity to your home. Even better, red is a very versatile colour, meaning it can look good on almost any kind of home. 

If you’re looking for something a little more understated, dark red doors are traditionally associated with nobility, grandeur and privacy — think private members clubs, royal societies or libraries. Looking to build a comfortable, secluded home that rings with good conversation? A grand, dark red door could be a start. 


Blue front doors


Blue comes in a huge variety of shades, with each signifying different things. A deep ultramarine blue evokes the sea and Georgian grandeur, while a lighter blue can make your home’s front look fresh and gently appealing. 

If you live by the sea, a blue door can accentuate your home’s connection to its environment. And if you don’t, a well-designed door (perhaps with some bespoke decorated glass!) can create a solid nautical connection — letting visitors know you’re a salty sea dog at heart!


Green front doors


Green front doors are on the up as we become more and more eco-conscious, and many of us find comfort in nature during the ongoing Covid-related disruption to our lives.

A green door in the right shade (usually on the deeper side) can anchor your home in the natural world, activate the earthy tones in your brick and look good with a bright brass handle and letterbox. Green is an excellent choice for heritage homes, and can look good with sash windows and various traditional regional building materials.


Want to talk it over?


Still not sure what colour you’d like your door to be? Interested in a colour we haven’t mentioned here, like black (sophisticated), brown (excellent in the right setting) or purple (either perfect or hideous)? 

We’re always pleased to hear from new or existing customers, and our team of knowledgeable experts can give advice and suggest a solution for nearly any matter relating to windows or doors. Why not give us a call?

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